Pashtun/Pakhtun History

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Sultan Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghouri

His Highness Sultan Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghouri(سلطان شهاب الدين محمد غورى) was one of the famous and effective kings of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns.He had conquered India and was the king of present Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.First he excluded all Hindus from the present Khyber Pakhtunkhwah (KPK) and settled different Pakhtun tribes like shalmani,afridi and shinwari etc. And then after one year the King attacked India.

Genealogy of Pakhtoons


Pashtuns are Israel

There are different theories about Pashtuns/Pakhtuns, but all those theories are useless. Why? I think it is because those theories have very weak basis. And the most specific point in those theories is that every one has wrote their own theory without solid proof i.e their elders sayings. And they have wrote their theories only to get an international reputation. For example some of our Pashtun historians say that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are Aryans. But they are ignoring the fact that "Arya" was the name of a civilization and not only the name of a nation. There were different nations living in that period and in those locations. So may be in those days Pashtun would also present. But these historians however tell us some names of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns tribes that are found in the oldest book of Hindus. Once again they are failed in and cannot compare our tribes' names totally. They also claim that the name "Paktia" a province of Afghanistan is found in the oldest book of Hindus and then assume, that because this name is found in the book of Hindus, therefore Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are Aryan. But again this is not enough to find a name in a book, but this is necessary to prove it four dimensionally. For example our elders' sayings and history books etc. And this is not a new thing, that this name is found in Hindu's book. I have examples of hundreds of names that are related to Hindus and are the name of some places in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah (KPK) even now. But it does not mean that Pashtuns are Aryan. Actuallly Pashtuns/Pakhtuns have conquered these areas and have excluded Hindus from these areas where now they are living. Therefore the names of different places are given by Hindus and yet they are known by those names. However some of the names of those places are changed to Muslim and Pakhto names. Actually we do know that our elders say, that we are Israel and we have not ever heard from our elders that we are Aryan. Our elders do not even know the term "Arya". Then how can one say that Pashtuns are Aryan. However if one can say it, then can he tell us that what is the genealogical tree of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns which is linked to Aryan? Offcourse it is very difficult to show and yet no one has presented it to the world. And if some one ask us about our theory of Israel and ask us about the genealogical tree of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns, we can answer them with blind eyes and can prove it. We have some of our tribe's names that are found in Syria in their original names and still those places are present. For example SHALMAN is the name of an area in northern Syria and still is present in Syria. And then the residents of Shalman are called Shalmani. And it is clear from this tribe name that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are Israel. Because Israel were exiled from Syria to Iran and Khorasan. And therefore it is a proof that these Shalmani are still present in Iran and in Khorasan which is the old name of Afghanistan. Now a days one can determine it that there are some Shalmani scientist in Iran and if some one want to know about it he should type the name Shalmani in Google search engine and he will get a lot of information on Shalmani. And then these Shalmani are also present in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah (KPK) in different places, for example in Swat State they were brought by Shahabuddin Mohammad Ghouri where they fought with Hindus and excluded them to southern India. Now Shalmani are found in Swat Valley. So this was the only one proof to show that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are from Syria. There are many other solid proofs about it and we shall include all of them very soon in this web site. So please for now be content with this little bit history and wait for more information in the future.

Explanation of Israeli Concept of Pakhtuns

Abraham (حضرت ابراهيم علية سلام):-

We will begin the history of Pakhtuns from the prophet Abraham. He was born in "Ur" city of the current Iraq. The name of this city was Ur because the people of this city were worshiping fire in those days, and in those days there was a famous furnace in this city. As the people of this city were busy in the worship of fire. Now the word Ur belong to Hebrew (عبرانى) language, which was the language of those people. And the meaning of "Ur" is fire. In pushto it is also called as Ur which means fire and therefore we believe that Pashto belong to this language of Abraham i.e Hebrew. Ok till now we discussed some thing about the word Ur and now we would like to go forth in our discussion. This city Ur is situated in the southern Iraq in the south west of Bughdad at a distance of 230 mile. Prophet Abraham was born in 2160 B.C. He was the son of Terah ibn Nahor ibn Serug ibn Reu ibn Peleg ibn Eber. Abraham had two brothers also, whose names were Nahor and Haran. Prophet Lut was the son of Haran.

Abraham had three wives in total, Sarah(سارة), Hagar(هاجرة) and Keturah(قطورة). Sarah gave birth to Isaac(اسحاق) who was the second son of Ibrahim. His first Son was Ismael(اسماعيل) from his second wife Hagar and when Isaac was born, the age of Ismael(اسماعيل) was 14 years and the age of Abraham was 100 years.The descendants of Isaac are known as Bani Isaac and it is to be noted in mind that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are the descendants of Jacob who was the son of Isaac. The descendants of Ismael are known as Bani Ismael. Hagar was the daughter of Pharaoh(فرعون) of Egypt (مصر), who was the resident of Iraq but was settled in Egypt and became the King of Egypt. The third wife Keturah gave birth to six sons, Ishbak, Medan, Zimran, Shuah, Midian and Jokhshan and the descendants of Keturah are known as Bani Keturah. Then Jokhshan had two sons Sheba and Dedan or dodal. Abraham passed some of his life time in Iraq and then he went to Syria(شام) with his wife Sarah and his nephew Prophet Lut (لوط). Abraham died at the age of 175 years in Syria. He was buried in the land of Afran who was the son of Sahar in Canaan. This land was bought by Abraham for this purpose. Similarly Sarah, Jacob, Joseph and Isaac were also buried here with Abraham in this land. This place is now known as Baethlehem(بيت للحم) or khalil. And at this place Isaac was also born.

Now we would like to extend the story of Isaac and Jacob, because Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are the descendants of Isaac and Jacob.

Isaac (حضرت اسحاق علية سلام) :-

Isaac married Rebecca(ربقة) who was the daughter of Bethuel(بيتوايل). Bethuel was the son of Nahor(نحور) and Nahor was the brother of Abraham. Isaac had two sons from Rebecca. The two sons were Esau and Jacob. Because Jacob was born in Syria and hence living over there, so he was called by his son Joseph from Syria to Egypt. Since then Israel lived for 430 years in Egypt. After 430 years Israel were then transfered from Egypt to Syria by Moses again. However Isaac was died at the age of 180 years and was buried beside the grave of Abraham in Palastine.

Jacob ( حضرت يعقوب سلام):- The descendants of Jacob are known as Bani Israel and we Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are bieng told by our elders that we are Bani Israel by origin. Jacob was also known as Israel. This name (title) was given to him by the God and the meaning of Israel is “the traveler at the night time”. It is because he had left Syria at night time as his brother Esau(عيسو) was in search of his death because of some reason. Later on he had came back to Syria, and his brother Esau was very sad about him. His father Isaac sent him to Iraq(عراق) where he married the daughter of Laban(لابن). Laban was the brother of Rebecca(ربقة). Laban’s daughter’s name was Leah(لية). Jacob married Leah and a girl or lass given with Leah also. So Yaqoob had now two wives one was Leah and another was a girl given with Leah by her father, the name of he girl was Zilpha(زلفة). Then Laban gave his other daughter to Jacob and another girl also. The name of the second daughter was Rachel(راحيل) and the name of the girl given with Rachel was Bilhah(بلها). Therefore Jacob had four wives in total, Leah, Zipha, Rachel and Bilhah.

Jacob had twelve sons and their detail is as follows.

From Leah(لية) he had four sons: Judah, Levi, Reuben and Simeon.
From Zulfa(زلفة) he had four sons: Zebulun, Issachar, Asher and Gad.
From Rahel(راحيل) he had two sons: Joseph and Binjamin.
From Balha(بلها) he had two sons: Dan and Naphtali

In the period of famine (failure of the harvest) Jacob was called by his son Joseph to Egypt. When he went to Egypt his age was 130 years. He lived there for about 17 years and died at the age of 147 years in Egypt. He was also brought to Syria according to his saying and buried there beside the grave of his father Isaac and grand father Abraham. Then Joseph was also died at the age of 110 years and according to his saying he was also brought to Syria and was buried beside his ancestors's graves.
Moses ( حضرت موسى علية سلام) :-  After Josephو the life of Bani Israel was not passing good in Egypt and in the period of Moses, Bani Israel were came back to Syria as they were not happy in Egypt. However Pharaoh (فرعون) tried is best to stop them but they got the way in the river of Nile(نيل) and Pharaoh drown in the river. Moses brought his nation Israel to Elim(ايلم) and they stayed beside the mountain of Tur located in Sinai(سينا). Then God ordered them to go to Palestine(فلسطين) where the Amalekites(عمالقة) nation was living in Palestine. Because God had ordered them to conquer Palestine and they could not conquered Palestine, so God became angry and ordered them to live in the desert of Sinai for about 40 years.
Bani Israel and their ascension (rising, عروج) :- When Israel conquered Palestine and the associated areas they divided it in their tribes according to the sayings of Moses. The areas they had conquered were being ruling by 31 kings. Israel ruled on those areas for about 1400 years successively. They had about 70 Leaders (head of the region) who were ruling their related areas for more than 400 years. Later on David kills Goliath in the battle of Goliath and Saul. David became the king of Israel. He ruled for about 40 years and then died. After him Solomon became the king of Israel. He ruled for about 52 years and then died.
Decline (setting, زوال) of Bani Israel: When Solomon(سليمان) died, Bani Israel decided to make their new king for them. For this purpose they decided to select the son of Solomon, Rehoboam(يربعام) as their king. Israel were twelve tribes in total and  ten of them became against Rehoboam. Therefore the ten tribes decided to make their own king and state. They agreed to have Jeroboam(رجعام) as their king and he was the son of Nebat a member of the tribe Ephraim. The name of their state was the Northern Kingdom of Israel and their king was Jeroboam. The two tribes made their own state the Southern Kingdom of Judah and their king was Rehoboam. When they divided their state in two states they became weak and from that day their destruction began. They were fighting with each other and were killing each other. During that time many prophets were sent by Allah to them but they were not obeying them and the God. As Moses had told them that, God says that "I like Israel very much and I will give them kingdom and every thing they want. But if they did not obeyed me and left worshiping me, I will destroy them".

History tells us, that when Israel started fighting with each other, they became weak and weak, and the other nations like Assyrian(اشورى) and Babylonian(بابلى) crashed them. When these nations attacked Syria, they exiled Israel from their homeland and it was the time when they exiled from Syria. They were brought by their enemies to Khorasan(خراسان) in Iran(ايران), and settled them there in Iran, and some were settled in other areas around Syria.

Exile(جلا وطنى) of Israel from Syria: The first attack was by Assyrians on Israel. The Assyrian king Pal attacked them in 771 B.C and exiled them from Syria. This attack was on the Northern State of Israel. Please note that Syria and Assyria are two different names, where Syria is the name of the country where Israel were living and it is the present Syria (شام) of the middle east and Assyria was a nation in the time of Israel. This nation was living in an area beside Israel. When Assyrian knew that Israel are weak, they attacked them and exiled them. So when the Assyrian king attacked Syria he exiled them toward east of Syria to Khorasan in Iran. In this exile, two tribes were namely Reuben and Gad. Another Assyrian king Shalman II was a dangerous and cruel King, and he also attacked the Northern State of Israel in 761 B.C and exiled other tribes of Israel. Please note that there were about four kings of Asyrian whose names were Shalman I, Shalman II, Shalman III and Shalman IV, all of them were extremely cruel and dangerous. Similarly Shalman II also attacked the state of Southern Judah, and exiled more Israel tribes to Iran. After the Assyrian nation, another nation appeared and there king was Nebuchadnezzar (Bakht Nasar or بخت نصر). He attacked Judah state in 597 B.C and exiled Israel toward east.

Israel ruled over Syria for about 1400 years and their kingdom ended after their exile from Syria. In this battle thousands and hundreds of thousands of people were killed from the Israel side. As there were twelve tribes of Israel in the two states, Ten tribes were in the Kingdome of Israel and two were in the Kingdom of Judah. So in the battle ten tribes were exiled from the two states, and the remaining two tribes were arrested by their enemies. It should also be noted that there were some smaller tribes too, which were branches of a particular tribe. And each of these twelve tribes had their smaller branches of tribes, because the twelve tribes were from the twelve sons of Jacob. And therefore after hundreds of  years there were many branches produced from them. Now it should be also made cleared, that all these tribes were not only exiled to Iran and Khorasan (the present Afghanistan) but some of their tribes men were also exiled in different directions of Syria i.e in four dimensions. That is why we see today that Israel are present in almost every part and every corner of the world. Some of these Israel are being collected from different parts of the world by the present Israels and are settled in the present state of  Israel. Similarly most of the ancient Israel are now Muslims and they cannot go to Israel nor they want to be converted their old and ancient religion. 

Note: As we know that Israel were exiled to Iran and Khorasan (Afghanistan), so from here the History
Of Pashtuns/Pahtuns begins. Because, before this, they were known as Israel as a whole. However still the majority of Pakhtuns call themselves as Israel and still there are many tribes whose names are matching to those of the ancient Israel tribes’ names. Most of the Pashto language words are also matching with Hebrew and Arabic as well. And Arabic language itself contains enormous amount of vocablary that is derived from Hebrew.

Pakhtun (Pakhtun, Pakhtoon, Pakhtan, Pathan, Batan, Pashtun or Pashtan): According to the above study we came to know. that the ten tribes were exiled to Iran and Khorasan (Afghanistan). So in these tribes one tribe was Bani Pakht Bani Bakht(بنى بخت). It was a smaller tribe of the tribe Judah. When Israel were being exiled from Syria to Iran and Khorasan, Bani Bakht tribe was one of them, and they had come here before the other Israelite tribes. Because Bani Pakht was the famous and politically strong tribe therefore the rest of Israel were known by this tribe’s name. And then the name Pakht was used for all the Israel. And, then they were called as Pakhtan, Pakhton or Pakhtun by Persian in every part of Iran and Khorasan.

Who are Pashtuns/Pakhtuns ?

We know that some historians have predicted that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are basically Aryan......But this is totaly wrong concept. Why? Because they have only proved that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns have some habits like Hindus and thus they are Aryan.Then they descibe some Pashtuns' names and their places' names and try to compare them with Hindus and Aryan names, and then say that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are Aryan.But yet these poor historians have not proved that those names are exactly or approximatly same to that of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns names.Then how they can claim it as proof of Aryan theory of Pashtuns.There is a big difference between Pashtuns/Pakhtuns and Hindus, a big difference between habits and races, a big difference between our elder's sayings and some one's self made thoughts.Dear Pashtun historians please don't try to ignore your elders' sayings, otherwise you must repeat this Pashto saying "Ka Ze Ze No aBaZo La Ba Raze".


Genealogy (شجرة نسب)

It is evident from the history of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns and from the sayings of Pashtuns elders that Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are sons of Israel. But the real question that comes into one's mind, is that how they are the sons of Israel (Jacob or حضرت يعقوب علية سلام). Therefore at first I would like to show here the genealogical tree of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns which is traced back to Jacob (حضرت يعقوب علية سلام), then to Abraham (حضرت ابراهيم علية سلام), then to Noah (حضرت نوح علية سلام) and then to Adam (حضرت  ادم علية سلام). Now lets understand the meaning of the word "Israel". Israel is the second name of Jacob (حضرت يعقوب علية سلام) . Now lets present the genealogical tree of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns and trace it back not only to Jacob but Adam who is the grand father of all humans. The genealogical tree of Israel or Jacob is : Jacob ibn Isaac ibn Abraham ibn Terah(تارح) ibn Nahor ibn Serug ibn Reu ibn Peleg ibn Eber ibn Salah ibn Arphaxad ibn Shem ibn Noah ibn Lamech ibn Methuselah ibn Enoch ibn Jared ibn Mehalaleel ibn Cainan ibn Enos ibn Seth ibn Adam. Now we begin our story from Jacob. So we know from history books that Jacob had twelve sons from his four wives, Leah, Zilpas, Rachel and Bilha. Where Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah were from Leah. Gad, Asher, Issakar and Zebulun were from Zilpha. Joseph and Binjamin were from Rachel. Dan and Naphtali were from Bilha. Each of these twelve sons yielded their own sons and therefore every son's name became as a tribe name also. They are also called twelve tribes of Israel or Bani Israel. In the period of Assyrians and Babylonians these ten tribes had been exiled from Syria and two of them had been captured by Assyrian Kings. These ten tribes were exiled to Iran and Khorasan. It must be noted that with the passage of time each tribe had been further divided into sub-tribes and so on. And then each sub-tribe had it's own name associated to their ancestor name or their area name. That is why we see number of tribes with different names in different areas of Pashtuns/Pakhtuns now a days.